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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

HARDWARE Blu-ray Review

HARDWARE is a movie that absolutely needs to be seen on blu-ray, even if you hated it on VHS. It literally is night and day when you compare the two. What was once nearly black and grainy in certain scenes is now clearly visible in amazing detail.

Set sometime in the near future (for the 80's), Hardware is the story of a man named Moses (Dylan McDermott) who brings home a cyborg skull for his metal-sculpting girlfriend (Stacey Travis) - lucky girl! Unbeknownst to Moses or his GF the skull is actually the brain of the M.A.R.K. 13 android. The android comes back to life and wrecks havoc on the poor woman, Moses and the rest of the tenants (some deserve it) at her apartment complex.

For those that have seen the movie before, you know what you are getting yourself into - sort of. The VHS was such a terrible transfer that much of the 2nd and 3rd acts were incomprehensible visually. I really like the quote on the back of the blu-ray box - "gritty, trippy and frightening...HARDWARE is one of the best horror movies you've never seen!" This statement is fairly accurate because now you can actually SEE what is going on. In addition to that, the movie is uncut, so many of the gore scenes are in tact and quite amazing (watch for the bi-section scene).  For those that have never seen the movie before - don't expect too much. The story is as thin as paper, but what makes up for it is the world around the small story Richard Stanley has created. It is a world that has completely destroyed itself and the people living in it fight to stop government bills from passing that would allow them to sterilize anyone with high radiation levels. Any movie that is against eugenics is good in my books. And I couldn't do a review without mentioning the amazing soundtrack with music by Ministry and Public Image Ltd.

Special Features
No Flesh Shall Be Spared - Thank god Severin knows how to shoot an interview. The interviews are beautifully composed and lit well. This doc is very fascinating on so many levels - from inception to release it covers all the bases.

Incident In An Expanding Universe - Early Super 8 Version of Hardware. I couldn't watch this whole thing. This is for those of you that are rabid fans of Hardware and Stanley's.

The Sea of Perdition - Very cool little 2006 short film made by Richard Stanley. I would love to know a bit more about the making of the film and what purpose it was for.

Rites of Passage - An early Richard Stanley short film. Once again, I couldn't get through the whole thing.

Richard Stanley on HARDWARE 2 - A must watch as well. For those that didn't like the lack of story, this gives you a taste at how amazing the sequel would have been. Stanley also mentions that the script is available online. He also talks about remote control sharks.

Deleted and Extended Scenes - some great stuff in here.

Audio Commentary - I only watched the 3rd act with commentary, but it was one of the better tracks I've heard.


North American Severin Blu-ray Release

Polish/European DVD Release

UK DVD/Blu-ray Release

US VHS Release

Italian Theatrical Poster

I think this is a Spanish Theatrical Poster

While I do like the cover Severin chose, those that haven't seen the film may just think the robot looks like a penis. My choice would have been to go with the original Italian Theatrical Artwork.

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  1. I'm in complete agreement with you, it is all about atmosphere and the world Stanley created. Love the poster gallery at the end of your post, great idea.