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Monday, January 25, 2010


MIA on DVD is going to be a frequent article I write hopefully weekly on Cartoon and Horror. Each posting will feature a different horror movie, cartoon or TV show that is Missing in Action on DVD or Blu-Ray.

This weeks culprit: THE VIDEO DEAD!

Where the F*&% is this movie? This movie and The Dead Pit had the two coolest VHS cover boxes in the 80's. I know that having a cool box cover isn't a very good reason to release a movie, but the movie is actually not that bad. I bet it's far better than half the crap that sits on the shelves at Best Buy or HMV. Especially now that they don't stock a very large horror section like they used to.

So what is the deal with THE VIDEO DEAD? Where is it? Well, let me tell you...
According to The Video Dead on DVD (Myspace page), the title is (or was) owned by MGM and Fox. However, with MGM bankrupt and auctioning off their catalogue, who knows where the title will stand once everything is said and done. Maybe Fox will own it outright? I don't know, I'm not a lawyer. Those who had a subscription to Monsters HD may have been lucky enough to check out the film in HD. Here some screen capture comparisons for an idea of how nice the movie could look:

I'm guessing Fox still owns the rights to the film, but may be too scared or unable to release it during the bankruptcy. After all, it was scheduled for release on Oct 27, 2009, but then dropped out of sight. Working in the industry I know how scared execs are to do anything in fear that they may lose their job. And I'm guessing what exec would want to lose their job over a title like this. Until everything is figured out, be sure to harass the execs at Fox as much as you can - FoxDrop@4icc.com.

*UPDATE: It's been a few months since I first wrote this article. Since then I've added a poster section at the bottom of each MIA on DVD article so I thought I should add it to this one. 

I'm a sucker for nostalgia, so I hope the DVD distributor that releases this movie goes with the original VHS cover artwork. 

I can't wait until the day comes when I see this on the shelf...or even on Amazon...

Keep checking the Myspace page for updates - The Video Dead on DVD


  1. Right there with you man. It is so cool that there is a MySpace petition for this. I thought you and I were the only ones who appreciated this little gem.

  2. It looks and sounds pretty good its got chapters and an animated menu with the creepy piano tune playing

  3. You can get a dvd of it at markhorrordvdemporium in the uk