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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thundercats Statues

I haven't collected action figures in the past few years for a few different reasons - primarily money and space. However, I frequently keep track of all of the new action figures coming out that are based on some of my favourite movies and cartoons from the 80's.

Thundercats is a cartoon that is in desperate need of an action figure revival similar to what the Four Horseman are doing with MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE CLASSICS. If the Four Horseman ever convinced Mattel to purchase the license to make toys, it would be a dream come true.

Until then, a company called HARD HERO has obtained the license and has begun releasing statues based on the famous felines. Here's a look at the first two released - Cheetara and Lion-O. Hard Hero has also created statues of many of the Transformers which you can check out here.

ThundercatsLair was lucky enough to score an image of the next statue to be produced: Mumm-Ra!

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