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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Coming Soon - C.O.P.S. Vol 2

Fighting crime in a future time!

Finally after four years, SHOUT! Factory is finally releasing the 2nd (of 3) DVD volume of the 1988 animated series C.O.P.S. on March 16th! I absolutely loved this show as a kid and the first DVD release was fantastic, so I will be sure to get my hands on Volume 2 as soon as it is available. This volume will only be available through SHOUT!'s website through their direct to "consumer sales program".

Here's some words from Shout! Factory:

The square-jawed, tough-talking animated program C.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists) aired every weekday afternoon in the late '80s. With its dead-on action and humor, the show became an instant hit, launching a popular line of action figures, vehicles and gadgets, as well as inspiring its own comic book. Now, the cult favorite is back in a deluxe DVD box set featuring 22 original episodes, plus awesome bonus extras.

Set in year 2020, C.O.P.S. follows the adventures of Baldwin "Bulletproof" Vess and his crack crime fighting cohorts as they protect Empire City from the evil Big Boss and his formidable gang of crooks.

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