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Friday, February 26, 2010


I've always been a huge fan of the movie series CRITTERS. Even the lousy 3rd and 4th sequels. I took a little look around the internet and found some great fan art dedicated to the Critters movies. Here's a few of my favourite pieces.

Critters by Centurymon
Critter by EspenG
Critters 2 by ShampooNeko
Critters by DiegoMorales
Bitchin' Baldy by DiegoMorales
Big Ball O Death by DiegoMorales
Bleach Head by Diego Morales

Critters by Fryguy64
Critters by devilxkat
I think this one is supposed to be stained glass...which is so cool.
Critters Tattoo by lordholderby
Critters by whitener75
Critters by KaptnHowdy
Critters by MonsterMovies
Critters by XeviousTheGreat
The fifth Critters movie could be about flying Crites!

Which one is your favourite? 
If anyone finds any more fan art pieces for Critters, let me know!


  1. Sweet, this is going up on this Sunday's DKTM for sure!

  2. The guy with the tattoo gas got to be the world champion critter fan!