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Friday, February 19, 2010

FAN ART FRIDAY - Greg Semkow

I stumbled across Greg Semkow's artwork on Deviant Art and was blown away by his MOTU and Thundercats designs for pitches for possible films.  My dream has always been to direct either a Thundercats movie or He-Man movie.  If this dream ever comes true, I will be sure to hire Greg. It boggles my mind how neither of the films got made considering the quality of the artwork.

Here's his bio from his website Gregsemkowart.com - "For as long as I can remember art was one of the true passions of my life. Early in my art career comics was my main focus until I discovered the world of digital art and the possibilites it represents, allowing me to truly bring my imagination to life. My work now is devoted entirely to concept design and matte painting for the film and video game industries. Some of my most recent projects include concept art used as part of several film pitches, and design and matte painting work for a live-action short film based on the popular "Thundercats" cartoon series.

In addition to traditional art techniques my work is done primarily with Photoshop CS4, Corel Painter, and ZBrush3 for 3D character models, samples of which I will be adding to my portfolio soon."

Here are some of my favourite pieces...

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