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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I'm cheating a little bit with this weeks MIA on DVD. Cannibal Girls is not an 80's or 90's horror movie at all, it was made in 1973 and directed by a very young Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters, Twins and the creator of the cartoon Mummies Alive!). For those of you that know nothing about the movie, you can actually find a plethora of material about the movie on the web. The other reason I am cheating this week, is that the movie is finally getting an official blu-ray and DVD release in October from Shout! Factory. I thought I would still do a little write up about the movie as I've thought about it so much and have waited and waited for it to make it's way to DVD. I only discovered the upcoming October release when I started doing a little research for this article. The movie has been nearly impossible to see for years now, unless you could track down a VHS copy.

Since artwork hasn't officially been released and special features haven't been listed, I thought I would highlight some of the features I would like to see on the DVD. For special features, I think it is obvious that commentary with Ivan Reitman, Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin are a must. Other than that I would be pleased with the original theatrical trailer, stills/art gallery and hopefully some interviews with the rest of the cast and crew.

Here's a few options for DVD/Blu-ray Artwork:

Original Theatrical Poster (Click for larger image)
I think this is the German Poster (Click for larger image). This artwork was also used in North American posters.
French Artwork?
Dutch VHS Artwork
AIP Artwork

There's something about the German/NA artwork that I really like, but I hope they go with the classic original poster artwork because it's nostalgic - and it's the image on my shirt...
I should also mention, for those of you who live in Toronto, Rue Morgue is presenting the film as part of their Cinemacabre Movie Nights next month - March 18. Or if you live in Edmonton, you can check it out at the Metro Cinema, April 17-19.

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  1. AND I believe its screening at SXSW! Love the German poster, THESE GIRLS EAT MEN. Ah, the direct approach to marketing :D