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Monday, February 1, 2010


This weeks MIA on DVD criminal is Peter Jackson's MEET THE FEEBLES. I know some of you are probably thinking, "but Substance released it on DVD already!" Which is very true, but you may as well of bought it on VHS. When you compare the DVD and VHS releases from Substance, I bet they are nearly identically. Every once in a while I will pick a film that HAS been released on DVD, but is dying for a special edition remastered version - as is the case with Meet the Feebles.

After reading Peter Jackson's Authorized Biography by Brian Sibley, I realized a Meet the Feebles DVD has an overabundance of material for a special edition. Such features could include:

- Audio Commentary by Peter Jackson - he could discuss some great on-set anecdotes and details surrounding the troubles Jackson and the producers went through to get it financed and made.
- Making-of Meet the Feebles Documentary
- Meet the Feebles TV Show: aka Uncle Herman's Bedtime Whoppers - from short film to half hour TV series to feature film to TV series. Interview with Peter Jackson.
- Meet the Feebles short film
- An Interview with Richard Taylor - From Feebles to Rings
- The Making of Meet the Feebles - Vintage Featurette ***See below for more info
- Photo Galleries
- Cover Gallery

So what is the likelyhood of Meet the Feebles getting a DVD or even Blu-ray release anytime soon? Probably very likely. According to Blu-ray.com, in a recent interview for Reel Time, Peter Jackson revealed that he is currently restoring his "early films" for release on Blu-ray. Let's hope this includes Dead Alive (aka Brain Dead) so I don't have to write about it anytime soon!

As for the special features, it shouldn't be too difficult to cobble together everything in my wish list above. For starters, Jackson can phone in a commentary (I don't know why there wasn't one on Anchor Bay's Bad Taste release) pretty easily. There are plenty of photos and behind-the-scenes materials available for the movie that I'm sure Jackson has archived somewhere. If I'm not mistaken, in Jackson's Biography, he even mentions he would like to release the short eventually on a special edition DVD. As for the vintage featurette, it is currently available on YouTube. It is a great little featurette that I recommend everyone watch. However, it doesn't seem to be the whole thing. Watch the first 10 minutes here:

As for cover artwork, there are plenty to choose from. I hope they use any of the following:

Substance VHS/DVD Cover Artwork (Also used for the UK release)

German VHS Artwork

French Poster Artwork

Original Poster Artwork

Let's hope Peter Jackson finishes up his restoration and a distributor releases it on Blu-ray here in North America as soon as possible! For those of you who want more info on the film, check out a pretty cool fan site by clicking here.

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  1. And hear I was about to tell you this was already on DVD. I'd love to see ANY of Jackson's early works on Blu-ray.