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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nightbreed Uncut at HorrorHound Weekend!

HorrorHound Magazine quickly became my favourite horror magazine over the years (sorry Rue Morgue). Every year I am more and more impressed by their magazine and the new features they have in it. I am also very impressed by their (i think) bi-annual HorrorHound Weekend.

Anyone lucky enough to be going to their Indianapolis HH Weekend in March will be treated to a special uncut workprint director's cut screening of NIGHTBREED! To top it all off, Clive and some of the cast will be in attendance.

Here are the details straight from their forums:

Some may have heard the rumors. It's all true. God's an Astronaut. Oz is Over the Rainbow, Midian is where the monsters live and this March 27th, at HorrorHound Weekend Indianapolis - Clive Barker, Oliver Parker, Hugh Ross (and more) will introduce the first-time ever screening of NIGHTBREED - the uncut workprint director's cut of the film! Originally submitted to the MPAA, Nightbreed was given an X-rating and had to go unfortunate cuts and edits before the film was finally released to theaters. Readers of HorrorHound Magazine may have read about the found lost footage and director's cut of the film - HorrorHound #19 - ever since, HorrorHound has been pushing the studio to finally release this lost treasure onto DVD and Blu-ray! Join Clive and the cast of this lost classic as we present a one-time only screening - tickets to be given away at the HorrorHound booth Saturday morning, of the 27th, the screening to take place at 5pm (time may vary by show time) following a rare Nightbreed cast panel and presentation. Gold Pass members will be given tickets to the screening upon check-in on Friday. Limited seating will be available and tickets will go fast so plan accordingly.

Anyone want to drive down with me?

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