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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Altered States Non-Existent Action Figures

For my second wish list of action figures I would create, if I ran a toy company like NECA or Mezco, I am going to focus on a series of Altered States action figures. Now this is a far more obscure title than even Basket Case, so I don't know how many people would actually buy these figures...but I know I would!

Let's take a look at the possibilities...

Dr. Jessup - You absolutely need a Dr. Jessup action figure. You'd probably want a normal version of him when he's in the tank and an alternate head for when he first begins to regress physically.

Dr. Jessup Monkey Man - Definitely need a Neanderthal Jessup too.

Full Transformation Jessup - Probably the coolest figure, and really the only one most people would buy.

Mrs. Jessup Full Transformation - She's too boring to get a regular figure. But her inside-out transformation would look wicked on my shelf.

Possible accessories:

Action Figure Playsets - no action figure line is complete without a few playsets.
Sensory Depravation Tank 1

Sensory Depravation Tank 2

I swear, if I were very wealthy, I would create this line just for fun. I'm sure every kid at Christmas would want a sensory depravation tank to play with.


  1. Blu-ray is coming. Maybe it will include the video for TAKE ON ME by a-ha, which has an ending inspired by the film.