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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Basket Case Non Action Figures

For those of you who come to this site frequently should know by now I am a big fan of action figures. Specifically Horror and Cartoon action figures. I'm also a big fan of action figure wish-lists - lists of characters from movies that we all wish we could have action figures of. Horror Hound Magazine has listed some great action figure wish-lists in past magazines. I started thinking it would be fun if I put together each week or so an article featuring a film that has characters that would make great action figures.

This week's entry of non-existent action figures is BASKET CASE! Click on each image below for larger views of the characters.

I had to split up the figures into 5 series because there were so many figures that would be amazing to own.

Series 1
Series 1 would consist primarily of Duane and Belial from the first Basket Case movie. You'd have the standard Duane with basket that opens up to reveal a small Belial. Also, collectors would want a pre-teen Duane and Belial before the surgery. Maybe Belial could even be removable. The last figure in series 1 would be a larger scale Belial with glowing red eyes.

Series 2
Series 2 would consist of characters from Basket Case 2. Basket Case 2 has so many freaks that Basket Case 2 figures would spread across 3 separate series. The top picture is a possible box-set that would be available for series 2. It would feature a new Duane figure and his girlfriend in bed with abdominal freak.

Series 3
Series 3 would contain more freaks, but also Duane's girlfriend and Granny Ruth. Since we need to remind people it is a series of Basket Case figures, also included in Series 3 would be a Duane with a sewn on Belial.

Series 4
Once you get into series 4, the choices of characters begin to dwindle. Luckily there are still a few cool characters left. A Belial with "human-like" head from Basket Case 2 should be included in this series, along with the gargoyle freak.

Series 5
Series 5 would consist of characters from Basket Case 3. Lot's of new freaks and Belial's wicked "exo-squad" style robotic suit. Series 5 would also have Belial's Bride and all his wonderful children as a box set. The box set should come with the carriage too... to re-create the poster.

Series 5 would definitely mark the end of the figure line. In all honesty though, this series probably wouldn't last past one run of figures. One can dream though. Next time I'm going to pick a film with less characters! This took me forever to grabs stills for and then put into groups.

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