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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Coming Soon - Puppet Master Blu-ray

Charles Band's company Full Moon is surprisingly releasing the original Puppet Master movie on Blu-ray in a limited edition set with the new Puppet Maser movie - Axis of Evil. I usually wouldn't be that excited about a new Puppet Master movie, but this one takes place after the events of part 3 and it comes with the first movie.
The set comes with a collectible model trunk, 2 Blu-ray discs (Puppet Master 1 and Axis of Evil), 9 trading cards with original cover artwork, a rolled "scroll" poster and 6 stickers. This set is exclusively available on Full Moon's website for a limited time - only 1800 units will ever be made and comes with a certificate of authenticity from Charles Band. 

Now it is great and all that Full Moon is releasing the first film on Blu-ray, but you'd think they would make it a little easier for the average fan to obtain it. Maybe if this sells well enough, he will do a wide-release...and no more of that "we just found 100 more units. Get em while they last" garbage. I hope one day we'll get a box set with ALL of the Puppet Master movies in Blu-ray. 

The set is available for pre-order starting March 18th, and will ship June 15th. It's $49 for the DVD set and $69 for the Blu-ray. 

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