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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ghostbusters: The Lost Comic Book Pitch

A year ago, two lads by the names of James Eatock (head honcho of Cereal:Geek - and seen on the Real Ghostbusters DVD set) and Dan Schroening (the artist behind Ghostbusters: The Video Game styling on the Wii) wrote and designed a pitch for a 10-issue Ghostbusters Comic Book series. They sent the pitch to IDW Publishing, who currently own the copyright, but were unfortunately rejected.

Thanks to Ghostbuster Fans, they have posted the pitch (with a few censored bits) in its entirety for all of us to enjoy. I think if this went through, it would have been a great series. Recently, the editor of the Ghostbusters comics at IDW came out with a statement addressing the anger some fans have felt over the rejected series. He doesn't state why the series was denied specifically, but does go on to mention that a maxi-series like this would never have sold well in the retail world. He also states that "the pitch was rejected for many reasons", but he won't go into them. Which is really unfortunate. Being someone who sells and pitches TV shows and concepts constantly, it is great to hear the reasons why they don't think something will work. We may never know why this series didn't suite them. HOWEVER!...both James and Dan have been asked to work with IDW in the near future on other Ghostbuster related comics. Can't wait to see what they come up with!

Until then, enjoy the pitch!

Check out Ghostbuster Fans for all the info and to discuss further.

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