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Monday, March 29, 2010

New Thundercats Statues???

I've been featuring the Hard Hero Thundercats statues on Cartoon and Horror for the past few months. More recently I discovered on one of the horror forums I post on frequently that Jerry Macaluso (previous owner of Now Playing Toys) and his new company Pop Culture Shock Collectibles will be releasing VERY high end Thundercats statues. They will be a combination of mixed media, highly detailed sculptures with cloth costumes and will be 1/4 scale in size!

Lucky for all of you, Jerry posted a very tiny image of the Lion-O statue on the forum. It's small, but you can tell it's going to look amazing! If only I had $400 to spare.

He will be 38" tall with a metal sword.  Lion-O is scheduled to ship September 2010 for any of you rich people out there.

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles Inc (PCSC) was formed in 2007 to produce high quality collectibles. PCSC is owned and operated by sculptor and designer Jerry Macaluso, former founder of SOTA toys. PCSC’s current roster includes Thundercats™, Street Fighter™ and Dark Stalkers™.

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