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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thursday Cartoon Intro - EXOSQUAD

I have been meaning to post a review for the Season 1 DVD of Exosquad, but I have been far more swamped with work than I normally am. Here's a special extended INTRO I pulled from the DVD. This is such a great show, I highly recommend everyone seek it out and buy it. It is far more adult than any other 80's or 90's cartoon kids show.

Under attack by rogue pirate clans and an artificial humanoid race called the Neosapiens, a heroic group of humans band together to save their Homeworlds from evil.

Exosquad Extended Intro

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  1. I really loved the ExoSquad show. Pseudo-anime at its best. The name 'Ben Dunn' will leap out in the credits for those familiar with such things. A cartoon to compare with the best of the anime series. I used to disdain Western imitators of anime(Antarctic Press, etc.), but I was wrong. Westerners imitating anime is no worse than British rock musicians imitating American blues singers. This is the true globalism, not that Bill Clinton/IMF stuff....Greg Cameron, Surrey, B.C., Canada