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Saturday, April 24, 2010

News and Finally Home!

After getting stranded in France for a week longer than I planned, I found my way home through Casablanca....not a city I am eager to see again any time soon. Although I did get to check out a really cool mosque that is considered the 2nd largest in the world.

Yes, this photo was taken by me minutes before I rushed to the airport

Now that I am back and have full internet accessibility, I have a bunch of posts I need to write. I also have some reviews to post too. The bad news is that my trip to Florida was post-poned until Thursday, April 29th...meaning I probably won't get around to everything until I am back on May 9th.

Anyways, on the news front...

Fango #294
Coming out in June. Looks like Fangoria is on a roll. Their new covers are great! Click here for the details.

Galaxy of Terror Coming to Blu-ray!
This was an exciting announcement to read my first day back...Roger Corman's Galaxy of Terror is coming to blu-ray & DVD July 20th from Shout! Factory. I'm really happy this is finally making it's way to store shelves. It was a title I've been meaning to feature on MIA on DVD. Shout just saved me some time. No details on special features have been revealed yet. 

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