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Thursday, April 1, 2010

LOST TOYS - The Mad Bubbler

Lost Toys* is a new feature on Cartoon and Horror that will pop up every once in a while. Over the years there have been a countless number of action figures that never saw the light of day. Many times a toy company may go under, leaving a few remaining action figures in purgatory from a series or the pre-buys on the figure may not be high enough to warrant a full release. Luckily many companies show promotional/advertising imagery prior to the release of a figure, so there are images of many of these "lost" action figures. The first featured "Lost Toy" was supposed to be NECA's Regan Exorcist box set, but the figure is no longer cancelled, and it turned out to be a really really bad April Fool's Day joke. I apologize to all of my readers. I REALLY hate online April Fool's jokes.

So instead, I'm going to feature an 80's cartoon character that never got it's chance to be played with - Thundercats' THE MAD BUBBLER!
The Mad Bubbler is only one of numerous un-produced Thundercats figures. This figure was never sold in stores, but was featured in LJN's catalogue before they even had a planned release. Supposedly, if you pressed down on its head bubbles were supposed to come out of its mouth.

What I think is kind of fun about the Mad Bubbler is that his "action-feature" is pretty unique. I don't know of any toys when I was growing up that utilized bubbles in this way and it would have been fun to drench Lion-O in a cloud of bubbles! The only known pictures of the Mad Bubbler were found on the mini-foldout catalogues packaged with the figures and from the Ram-Pagers card backs. Many collector's still believe that some Mad Bubbler's were released to retail outlets, but this has yet to be proven.

For those of you interested, the Mad Bubbler made his debut in the Thundercats cartoon in Episode 14 in the second season.

*For those of you really paying attention...yes, I have changed the name "Toys in Purgatory" to "Lost Toys" which I like much better. Sorry for all the confusion! This has not been my day.

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