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Monday, May 31, 2010

Cartoon to Comix - D

Some real gems in this lot. I'm still looking for issue #3 of Dino-Riders. One day I will find it!

Darkwing Duck

Defenders of the Earth


Dragon's Lair - It is very possible that these series of comics were based off the video game, not the cartoon. Oh well...


There were two other series of Droids comics - one in '94 and another in '95. The above series is clearly based on the Droids cartoon. 


1988 Comics

1990 Comics

Note: I've left out comic book adaptations of Double Dragon and Dexter's Laboratory. Double Dragon had a 6 issue series, but it wasn't based on the cartoon at all. It was strictly an adaptation of the video game. As for Dexter's Laboratory...while I do love the show, I feel that Dexter's Laboratory was the beginning of the end of the 80's/90's cartoons and clearly marks the end of an era.