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Friday, May 7, 2010

FAN ART FRIDAY - Nightbreed

Nightbreed is one of those movies that is just filled with so much cool imagery. I spent some time going through page after page on deviantART looking for the best of the best. I was actually surprised to find out there wasn't very much. Below are some of the illustrations that stuck out most for me. Enjoy!

Nightbreed by Chaosartifex
Nightbreed by juhoham
Nightbreed by MalevolentNate

Peloquin II by Slipshadow
The doctor by Seancarroll
CABAL by boon73
Ol' Button Face by Slasher6
Dr. Decker From Nightbreed by slimpickens78
Eel Juggler Extraordinaire by !Vorscythe
NIGHT BREED T by mister-bones - This was designed for a Fright Rags t-shirt!


  1. Sweet, love that last one the most. They need to play the uncut version here STAT!

  2. My god. I never even thought to look up Nightbreed fan art. You should start asking for commissions a few weeks in advance. I would paint David Cronenberg looking crazy any day.

  3. Jay - You can always buy the t-shirt!.... http://www.fright-rags.com/nightbreed-p-218.html
    I also completely agree that we need to see the uncut version in Toronto ASAP. I hear the other screening wasn't that great. Check out the forums at Horror Hound.

    Devon - I would love to start asking for commissions. I would even do some DVD/Blu-ray giveaways for best art. Unfortunately, I don't think I have enough readers yet. Maybe some day!