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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

HorrorHound #23, RM #101 & Fango #295

I completely forgot to post the preview for Horror Hound issue 23 a few weeks ago. This sweetness just hit the stands last week, so there is still time to pick it up. It has an amazing breakdown of all of the horror movies currently on blu-ray. Also, a fantastic retrospective for Fulci's City of the Living Dead. I highly recommend you pick this bad boy up.

Rue Morgue also released a preview for their upcoming issue 101. It will unfortunately be a pass for me. The cover is really not very attractive...even for those who are HUGE fans of Danzig.

Fangoria issue 295 looks like it will be pretty good. I love that Splatterhouse is getting some attention. Is this the first issue that an image from a movie isn't the main artwork? Issues 293 and 294 were the first Fangoria magazines in years that I actually read cover to cover. Chris Alexander is doing a bang-up job as Editor. I hope he can keep it up!

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