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Friday, July 30, 2010

FAN ART FRIDAY - Andreas Silva/Makinita

I love it when I come across a fellow Canadian that shares my same enthusiasm for horror and cartoons. Andreas Silva (aka Makinita) is one of those people and he is the artist of some of my favourite fan art. I spent almost an hour just going through all of the different illustrations he had on his deviantART page. Some of his cartoony renditions of popular horror characters are particularly funny. He has so much fan art, I had trouble picking some of my favourites. Be sure to check out the rest of his art by clicking here. Andreas has already been featured on my Toxic Avenger/Crusaders Fan Art posting from a few weeks ago.

Beatman - MOTU
Bucky O'Hare
California Raisins
The Smurfs
Ghosts - Ghostbusters
Gravedale High
Back to the Future The Animated Series
Slimer - The Real Ghostbusters
The Real Ghostbusters
The Tick


Ash - Evil Dead 2
Chop Top - TCM2
The Shinning
Dawn of the Dead - 78
Freddy - A Nightmare on Elm Street
From Dusk Till Dawn
From Dusk Till Dawn
Jason - Friday the 13th
Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
The Exorcist

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