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Friday, July 2, 2010

FAN ART FRIDAY - Andrew Barr

Andrew Barr is a fellow Canadian. I discovered Andrew's work while compiling the Toxic Avenger/Crusaders post from a couple week ago. His fan art of horror characters are just so cute. I'd love to see plush stuffed versions of each made that I could snuggle with before bed. Take a gander below at some of my favourites and then check out the rest of his work at deviantART and his website SOMETHINGAGOGO.COM.

Bub - Day of the Dead

Bubba - TCM 2

Chatterer - Hellraiser

Dr. Hill - Re-Animator

Freddy - A Nightmare on Elm Street

Frightenstein Fest - Hillarious House of Frightenstein artwork for convention

Harry Warden - My Bloody Valentine

House by the Cemetery

Jason Lives

Tallman - Phantasm

Michael Myers - Halloween

Mogwai - Gremlins

The Blob

Tarman - Return of the Living Dead

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  1. Haha, who'd of thought anyone could make those hideous creatures so adorable!