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Thursday, July 29, 2010

SDCC 2010

This was the first year I was in California and almost attended the San Diego Comic Con. Unfortunately, tickets sold out months in advance and the few people I knew who had access to tickets ran out before I even had the chance to ask them. Thank god for the internet though! I've been following some of my favourite toy and comic websites and there have been some great announcements and figure previews at this years con. Below is a mixture of horror and cartoon figures, models, images, etc shown this year.

Masters of the Universe Classics
SDCC is the best place to see reveals of Mattel's latest line of Masters of the Universe figures. Each SDCC they announce a whole slew of new figures to be released. This year had some amazing figure reveals.

Eternian Royal Guards
Alternate Heads
Battle Armor Skeletor
Vikor - He-Man of the North
King Hiss
King Hiss
Roboto & Orko
Shadow Beast
Silver She-Ra - for an SDCC raffle
Preternia Disguise He-Man with the Cosmic Key! - could Gwidor be far off?
Great Wars Accessory Pack
Weapons Rack
Also announced this year was the first official vehicle (if you don't count Battle Cat) - the Battle Ram. 

This year's SDCC also saw a major revival for Thundercats. Not one, but THREE companies revealed figures for the classic cartoon series. 

Hard Hero


Icon Heroes
Lion-O on Thunderclaw
Jaga (He will come with young Lion-O)

Ghostbusters & The Real Ghostbusters
In addition to Mattel's successful Masters of the Universe line, they also showed a number of new Ghostbuster figures.
Retro Ghostbusters
Courtroom Peter, Louis Tully & Courtroom Ghost
12 inch Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters 2 team
Marshmellow Mess Ray
Ghostbusters 2 Winston

Horror Toys
Each year, there seems to be less and less horror action figures. This year, there were barely any. Mezco seems to be the only game in town when it comes to Horror. 

Mezco Cinema of Fear
12" Leatherface - TCM
12" Letherface - TCM
Jason and Freddy Mezitz
Freddy and Michael Myers Mezitz

NECA is still showing off their Exorcist action figure. Still hasn't hit the shelves yet. 
Regan - The Exorcist
Revoltech's Jason - Friday the 13th Part 3 - available in Japan in September

Here's a list of some websites where you can find more pictures from SDCC 2010:

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