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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blog Updates and News

Well it's been quite a few days since I last updated. I've been pretty busy organizing everything for my big move to California and working on a few side projects. Next week things should get back to normal on this blog. Thursday Cartoon Intros will continue on a weekly basis, however, Fan Art Fridays will now be bi-weekly. They may go back to weekly once I've made the move.

Now onto some Cartoon and Horror news...

On the cartoon front, a few titles have recently been announced that are coming to DVD.

Season 1 of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters is now available on DVD, through Amazon's Create-Space manufacture-on-demand program. After purchasing The Maxx through MOD, I highly recommend fans of the show pick it up. The quality was perfectly fine.

Also, coming through another MOD program is Pirates of Dark Water! Warner Archives is releasing the complete 21 episode series on August 31st. The set will contain no special features. 

As for Horror, new covers for Fango, Rue Morgue and Horror Hound have been released and they all seem to share something in common...

Fangoria #297

Rue Morgue #104

Horror Hound #25

At least each cover has a different zombie on it. I've been collecting The Walking Dead comic since issue 10 and absolutely love it. As long as the AMC series is half as good, I think I will be impressed. The show sure isn't having a problem getting any press.

As for Horror Blu-Ray releases, a few titles have been announced...

Return of the Living Dead on Blu-ray September 14th

Troll 2 on Blu-ray October 5th

Robocop Trilogy on Blu-ray October 5th

Maniac on Blu-ray October 26th

Tremors on Blu-ray November 9th

Blair Witch Project on Blu-Ray October 5th and August 29th at Best Buy exclusively - picture not currently available...although, I don't know if it is necessary to purchase this on Blu-ray. Kind of defeats the purpose of the movie.

This weekend is Rue Morgue's annual Festival of Fear, so I'm hoping to have some coverage of the convention posted next week. Also, I've been spending some time going through hundreds of posters I've collected over the years. I'm going to try and compile them all on here, similar to what Jay is doing over at The Horror Section

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Taking a break

Hey Everyone,
I know there has been a lack of updates lately. I've been swamped trying to get some stuff done before I make a big move to Los Angeles. Not sure when I will be updating next. Keep checking back! I should have some stuff for the end of August.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday Cartoon Intro - GOLDIE GOLD

I discovered GOLDIE GOLD AND ACTION JACK on the Warner Bros. Saturday Morning Cartoons 80s collection. Previous to this release I had never even heard of Goldie Gold before. This synopsis I found best describes the show...

At the young age of 18, Goldie Gold became one of the richest women in the world and decided to use some of her immense wealth to publish an investigative newspaper called The Gold Street Journal. Since she owned the paper, she took the liberty of searching out and reporting her own stories.

Goldie recruited the help of a part-time adventurer and intern reporter, "Action" Jack Travis. Each week, Goldie, Jack and their loyal dog, Nugget, would take off on a fantastic adventure and eventually return home to deliver the story to their editor, Sam Gritt. At their fingertips were an abundance of gadgets, each of which seemed more impressive than the ones featured in last episode.

Currently only one episode is available on DVD in the Saturday Morning Cartoons of the 80s Vol 1.

Goldie Gold and Action Jack Cartoon Intro

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

RM#103 and Fango#296

Looks like some awesome magazine's coming out this month...

Rue Morgue #103

Fangoria #296

Horror Hound has yet to release any images of their 25th issue. I don't know if anyone can top that Rue Morgue cover!