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Monday, September 6, 2010

Poster Collection #-D

I've always been a big fan of movie poster and video cover artwork. Even when I was a kid I used to love going to the video store just to look at the box covers. I was pretty lucky when I was a kid. My Dad managed a couple of video stores called THE VIDEO MOVIE PLACE in the late 80s. While the Video Movie Place was in business, he collected hundreds of VHS posters. Throughout the years though, the posters were weeded through over and over until only a few boxes remain. When I got a little older, I started to appreciate the poster far more and made sure we hung on to some of my favourites. Similar to what Jay over at The Horror Section has been doing with his poster collection, I plan on displaying what remains of the posters from the 80s and 90s. I've recently started collecting original theatrical posters as well so I will post them on here too. I will only be displaying horror movie posters, kids movie posters and other genre-related posters. I've decided to leave out posters such as Mystic Pizza, Goodfellas, The Mission, etc as I didn't find them applicable to post on here.

In an attempt to catch up to The Horror Section, below are posters from #'s to D. My apologies for the awful photos. It was the best I could do without getting a giant glare. All posters are VHS/video posters unless otherwise stated. Click on each for larger images.

Click here for Posters E through F
Click here for Posters G through H
Click here for Posters I through L
Click here for Posters M through P
Click here for Posters R through Z

7 Doors of Death (The Beyond) One-Sheet
Altered States Theatrical One-Sheet - signed by Ken Russell
Antiviral Mini Poster - signed by Brandon Cronenberg

Theatrical One-Sheet
The Brood Theatrical One-Sheet - Signed by Art Hindle & David Cronenberg
Cannibal Ferox - Italian Locandina Poster
The Changeling Theatrical One-Sheet
City of the Walking Dead Theatrical One-Sheet
Creepshow 2 Theatrical One-Sheet

Dawn of the Dead Reproduction Poster
Day of the Dead Thai Poster

Dead & Buried Theatrical One-Sheet

Demons Theatrical One-Sheet
Disney Villain's - One of my all-time favourite posters. I love that the villain from Something Wicked This Way Comes and the old lady from Watcher in the Woods are in this poster. 

Most of the VHS posters came in boxes like this one. Any of the VHS posters from the late 90s are from a local video store.


  1. Ah-mazing. I feel like you are putting my collection to shame!

  2. No way! Yours has some gems I constantly look for on ebay now!