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Friday, October 8, 2010

Horror a Day Week 1

As I mentioned before, my wife and I try to watch at least one horror movie every day leading up until Halloween. This year we've been pretty good at sticking to our schedule. I thought it'd be a good idea to post quick reviews/reactions to the movies watched. Some are movies I have never seen before and others are ones I've seen a bazillion times.


We started the month off with a film I have seen at least 6 or 7 times since it's initial release. Two of those viewings were in theatres. However, I haven't seen the film in at least 5 years. It definitely wasn't as scary as I remember it being, but that may be because the lights were on, my mother was doing the dishes in the background and the dog kept barking. I still think the thing that makes this film worthwhile watching for a second or third time is just to see the mental collapse of these three individuals lost in the forrest. No matter how annoying Heather Donahue is, the acting is top notch. Another thing that continues to amaze me when I see this movie is just how little actually happens. That's why I believe you need the right setting and mood to watch this movie because everything that is actually scary is just in your mind. They set up the film perfectly for your mind to imagine any number of horrible things that are out in that forrest. So much so that no matter what they would have shown on film wouldn't have been as scary as your imagination. When watching the Blair Witch with the lights on, it really is just a movie where 3 people get lost, find piles of rocks, some teeth and an abandoned house.

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Saturday, October 2: SCREAM

It's got to be at least 10 years since I've watched Scream from start to finish. I always seem to catch bit parts of the movie on TV each year. I'm happy I finally had the chance to watch it from start to finish. This movie is WAY more fun than I remember it being. Between all of the great '90s actors and the horror references, it's no wonder this movie was such a big hit. Watching it again has actually got me all excited to watch part 4 now when it comes out. I'm sure most of you have seen the movie, so there isn't a whole lot else to say about the movie.

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BUFFY is another movie I haven't seen in years. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to hold up to my childhood memory of it. Although it has some great lines of dialogue, fun moments and some unknown (at the time) actors (Hillary Swank, David Arquette), it just didn't hit any high notes for me. That's not to say that you should write this film off completely, as it still is a lot of fun to watch. I guess I was expecting a lot more...even though I shouldn't. It is, after all, a teen horror comedy.

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Monday, October 4: TRICK 'R TREAT

Not an 80s or 90s horror film, but definitely a soon-to-be classic Halloween film. Trick 'r Treat is probably one of my favourite films of the last 10 years. It has some really scary moments (rock quarry/bus story) and some laugh out loud moments (carving a "pumpkin" with son story). This movie really has everything anyone could ever want out of a movie set around Halloween. The little murderous Sam, with potato sack over his head, really is the epitome of Halloween. I think this is the first time any filmmaker has truly captured the feel and mood of a beautiful Halloween night. HIGHLY recommended.

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Tuesday, October 5: RAWHEAD REX

Rawhead Rex is a film I have avoided like the plague. Just the images alone of the titular monster is enough to turn anyone off of seeing this film. I would like to take these few moments of your time to let you know this film isn't THAT bad. It's actually quite fun, once you get passed Rawhead's dorky appearance. The movie drags in a couple of places, but overall it makes up for in some fun Rawhead Rex rampage across the Irish countryside. He even kills a kid! It's a little shocking to me that Clive Barker wrote the script for this film. Although I did have fun watching it, it's really not up to par with anything else Barker has written since. I haven't read the original story from Barker's Books of Blood, but I would assume it's a little better than the movie. For those of you haven't seen the film, good luck trying to find it! I saw the DVD up on Amazon used for $199!!!

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Wednesday, October 6: LET ME IN

Probably the newest film you will see in these "Horror a Day" postings (that is of course if I don't get around to seeing Saw 3D). Let Me In is a remake of the Swedish horror film Let the Right One In, which I'm sure all of you knew that already. Anyways, I had high expectations for this remake. Maybe a little too high. Some friends praised it as being better than the first, while others thought it was a pretty good effort for a remake. I would have to go with the second group of friends...Let Me In is a good remake, but that's it. Maybe it's because I saw the original first, but I found the film to be REALLY boring and tedious for the first act of the film leading right up until the mid-point. Michael Reeves spends the first half of the film holding back EVERYTHING and relying way too much on reveals to build tension and suspense. Like I said before, this may be a problem for me only because I saw the original and knew every turn that was coming, but my wife also felt the same way and she never saw the original. This is not to say that the movie isn't good. It is definitely one of the better remakes out there, but it just doesn't add anything new to the story. My biggest beef with the movie was the use of CGI. Whenever we see Abby attacking or running up a tree, she looks like a video game character rendering. And something about the original "pool killing scene" I liked a whole lot more than the new one. Let Me In is a good movie for those who have never seen the original, but for those that have, don't go in expecting anything new.

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Thursday, October 7: TROLL 2

For the last 4 years now I have been attending Troll 2 screenings in Toronto. I've probably seen it more times in theatres than any of my favourite horror movies. As I'm sure you are all aware, there is a new documentary called Best Worst Movie coming out that chronicles how this film has garnered such a cult following. Made by Michael Stephenson, the kid from the movie, Best Worst Movie is one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. Last night I was lucky enough to see both Best Worst Movie and Troll 2 as a double feature. Troll 2 really isn't the worst movie ever made. It's just so goddamn weird. Every 5 minutes or so something absolutely crazy happens - ie. a ridiculous line of dialogue, a shot of a bug-eyed goblin or some of the most over-the-top acting you've ever seen. If you're going to watch Troll 2, make sure you watch it in a theatre or with a big group of friends.

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