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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Thoughts can kill!

Scanners II: The New Order is a direct sequel to David Cronenberg's original movie, Scanners. The movie takes place years after the first movie and involves the son and daughter of Cameron Vale and Kim Obrist. The movie stars David Hewlett (Cube, Splice) as David Kellum who is a scanner that escapes from a mental hospital only to be hired by a politician to gain control of other peoples minds. Once Kellum discovers the truth behind the politician's plan, he goes rogue and tries to stop him from creating his "new order".

Scanners II is clearly a Canadian film and it just reeks of made-for-TV 1990s quality. If you can look past the overall feel of the movie and some not-so-good acting, the movie is actually quite entertaining. It really is a good continuation of the story Cronenberg started and it even has some pretty nifty gore scenes...such as a few different head explosions. For those of you that haven't seen the movie, I recommend you track it down on VHS or on DVD from another region.

Now why the hell isn't Scanners II: The New Order available on DVD? You got me! When I was in France I saw all three Scanners movies available on DVD. The complete series has been readily available in the UK from Anchor Bay for some time now. So why hasn't it even hit it's home country of Canada? I know I've seen some of the Scanner Cop movies available on DVD (I presume they are terrible releases with sub-par transfers)... so what's the deal?

I'm really not looking for anything fancy with a DVD release of this movie. At the very least an anamorphic widescreen transfer would do. A commentary track would just be icing on the cake.

Surprisingly enough Scanners II: The New Order has a few different artwork options.

Theatrical Poster
Alternate Artwork B
Alternate Artwork C
North American VHS Cover

Here's the UK box set cover. Simple and effective. It works well for the complete series, but I think a release of just Scanners II would need some more elaborate artwork.

If I had to choose between them, I'd probably go with either the VHS cover because it used to stick out on the rental store shelves or the original theatrical poster. The theatrical poster just has such class to it and doesn't scream DTV. Maybe down the road I'll have to discuss Scanners III, but I don't think it is as worthy of a DVD release as Scanners II is.


  1. Really Love all the 'SCANNERS' Films and Love their makeup FX when all of the guys' heads burst. I really hope that they will make hundreds to thousands of more new 'Scanners' movies soon.

  2. I would like to see many more 'Scanners' movies soon. My most favorite ones are the 'Scanner Cop,' 'Scanners 2: The New Order,' and 'Scanners: The Showdown.' And I really, really love a lot of air-bladders makeup FX on each of the 'scanners' films with all the bursting heads kind'a like in the (1982) horror film 'The Beast Within.' I wonder if they have the deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes on all five of the 'scanners' movies.

    It would be a great idea if they will make the 'Scanners' horror sci-fi TV series. Maybe for the 'Scanners' Television series they would have to do an over thousands of many makeup air-bladders fx for more head explosions, head expansions, or even for the weird scanner mutations. They can have them way where the killer bad guys use their crazy mind powers until they can't control their powers or will start to transform into mind swelling monsters. Love the idea for the TV series and hope they'll make many of them soon.

  3. I seriously looking forward for an hundreds of more new 'scanners' sequels soon!!!

  4. I'm really up for new more 'Scanners' movies like maybe forty to sixty brand new crazy 'scanners' sequels. And especially I love all the crazy Special Air-Bladders Makeup Effects and I seriously want to see billions billions more weird head bursting mutations. Looking forward for many new scanners films and a lot of special makeup effects.