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Monday, October 4, 2010

Poster Collection M-P

Below are posters M through P in my poster collection. This is probably my favourite grouping because it includes Pumpkinhead - by far my favourite poster I own. It is proof that some VHS posters are vastly superior to their theatrical counterparts. Unfortunately, because I had it up on my wall for so long, it has a little bit of side damage to it and some tape stuck to it permanently. However, it didn't stop me from getting Lance Henriksen to sign it! As mentioned previously, all posters are VHS posters unless otherwise stated.
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Madman Theatrical One-Sheet
Meet the Feebles Original Theatrical One-Sheet
I wasn't too sure what letter to catalogue this poster under. I figured M for Monsters was good enough.
Monster Squad Theatrical One-Sheet

Nightbreed Thai Poster

Nomads Italian Locandina Poster

One of my all-time favourite movies, which I consider to be one of the most underrated movies ever made. I met Aykroyd a few months ago and told him how much I loved this movie. He wasn't too thrilled. I only wish I could have found this poster in my basement prior to meeting him.
Not horror or a cartoon, but it's a movie I love and loved as a kid. 
I have no idea where this poster came from. The paper it was printed on is really thin. I can't tell if it's a VHS poster or theatrical poster for Poltergeist.
Poltergeist German Theatrical Poster

Prince of Darkness Thai Poster - signed by John Carpenter

I really should put this poster next to the Parenthood poster...classic.
Pumpkinhead VHS Poster Signed by Lance Henriksen

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