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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Poster Collection R-Z

I've decided to end this series of blogs, which catalogues all of the cartoon/horror/children's movie posters I own, in a big final group. I've tried to limit posting only the posters from the year 2000 prior and they had to of been a fairly big influence on my childhood...hence the reason I included films like Parenthood, Kindergarten Cop or even The Three Amigos. All three movies I've seen more times than I can remember and I still watch them to this day.
I hope those of you out there that have been following enjoyed looking at my collection. If any of you have poster collections, please let me know as I would love to feature them on this blog.
As mentioned earlier, all posters are VHS posters unless otherwise stated. I will continue to update these posts as my poster collection continues to grow.
Click here for Posters #s through D
Click here for Posters E through F
Click here for Posters G through H
Click here for Posters I through L
Click here for Posters M through P

Return of the Living Dead Part II - Theatrical One-Sheet
Return to Oz Theatrical Poster
Robocop VHS Poster Side A
Robocop VHS Poster Side B
Scrooged UK Poster
Silver Bullet Italian Locandina Poster

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Reproduction
The Video Dead - Theatrical One-Sheet
Videodrome Theatrical One-Sheet
Willow Theatrical One-Sheet
Zombie Reproduction

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