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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Simpsons Couch on Halloween

As you have probably noticed, I'm a big fan of The Simpsons Halloween Specials. I think I like these episodes more than I actually like the show. Every year I try to re-watch all the old episodes and of course watch the new episode that airs. For a few of the specials, the animators would finish the intro with the usual couch gag, only this time it would be horror or Halloween inspired. Around episode 11 they stopped using the couch gag for the Halloween episode and started doing other random intros. For those of you interested, here are all of the different couch gags they used in the Halloween specials. The 21st episode of The Simosons Treehouse of Horror airs November 7th!

Treehouse of Horror III

Treehouse of Horror IV

Treehouse of Horror V

Treehouse of Horror VI

Treehouse of Horror VII

Treehouse of Horror VIII

Treehouse of Horror IX - My favourite of the bunch.

Treehouse of Horror X

 Treehouse of Horror XI - the first time in 8 years they didn't use the couch gag for the Halloween special. It hasn't been seen since in a Halloween episode. :(

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