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Friday, December 24, 2010

FAN ART FRIDAY - Christmas 2010

Since it is Christmas Eve, I thought today's Fan Art Friday should be some Santa Claus fan art. In the process I discovered a few cartoon and horror Christmas themed pieces of artwork. Merry Christmas Eve!

zgul-osr1113 - Transformers Christmas Fan Art
 lluvendure - MOTU Christmas Fan Art
 nightwing1975 - He-Man dressed as Santa. The Masters of the Universe Christmas Special is one of the best Television Christmas specials ever made.
 nightwing1975 - As a kid I watched Santa Claus: The Movie over and over. I was blown away when I first found nightwing1975's artwork. I never thought anyone was a fan of this movie.
 TradionalDanimatio - Scrooged...one of my favourite movies of all time and my favourite Christmas movie ever made.
 Davidunwin - This Scrooged piece of fan art isn't complete. Maybe next year they will have a colour version of it.
MorianBloodmoon - Freddy Christmas

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  1. I love dholl's santa claws...epic.