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Friday, December 31, 2010

FAN ART FRIDAY - Dan Schoening

I first came across Dan Schoening's artwork when I discovered his Ghostbusters comic book pitch...which you can read about here. Only recently I discovered that he is also a fellow Canadian. An even better reason to feature him here on Cartoon and Horror! He has so many cool pieces of fan art. My favourites being his Ghostbusters work from the movies, cartoons and toys. Below are the ones that really stand out for me from his blog and DeviantART pages, but I highly recommend you check out the rest.
Dan Schoening aka Dapper Dan

Back to the Future Fan Art

 Hocus Pocus

Swamp Thing

Teen Wolf Fan Art

Ghostbusters Fan Art

Ghostbusters 2 Fan Art

The Real Ghostbusters Fan Art

Ghostbusters Action Figure Fan Art - these make me want to pull out all of my old action figures. 

Original Pieces of Ghostbuster Fan Art


  1. Dude, seriously, how much do you want a print of each of those Back to the Future pics. They are AMAZING!!!!!! Seriously, I was laughing my a** off at them. They're the coolest. My email is cricketycrujo@aol.com. Name your price. I would hang those up in a hot second.

  2. Also the Vigo one. I love Vigo.