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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blood Simple Q&A - M Emmet Walsh

On January 21, 2011 the Silent Movie Theatre (Cinefamily) held a discussion and Q&A with actor M Emmet Walsh. They showed clips from many of his television and movie roles and finished the night with a screening of the Coen brothers first film, Blood Simple.

M Emmet Walsh hasn't been in any horror movies per say, but he's been in a ton of movies that should be of interest to horror fans. Those unfamiliar with Walsh's name, here's a small write-up about him from the Silent Movie Theatre's website:

M. Emmet Walsh is the meaty comfort food of character actors, satisfying us in over 200 movie and television roles like a good slab of Texas steak -- peppery, salty, and deliciously unctuous to the extreme. Just casting him seems like such an act of good taste -- he’s played memorably oily, iconic parts in great films like Blade Runner, Straight Time, The Jerk, and of course, Blood Simple. His scheming squint, his blinking analytical stare, his smarmy grin, and quirky sense of humor are just a few of the traits that he can lend at will to improve any film. We’re amazed he has time to talk with us, what with the incredible streak of quality work he’s been up to these past decades, and we hope he schools us with just a squibble of his irasacble wit.

Unfortunately, the quality of my recording sucks really bad. I promise future Q&As will be slightly better.

For those only interested in Blood Simple, skip down to parts 3 and 4.

Crazy fans trying to get every single M Emmet Walsh Laser Disc/DVD signed.

More Thundercats Toys...

Ok, now it is starting to get a bit ridiculous. I can't even keep track of how many different companies are producing Thundercats figures/statues. We have Pop Culture Shock Collectibles, Hard Hero, Bandai, and now Mezco all making them (albeit in different sizes).

Mezco's 20-inch Lino-O

Light-up eyes Lino-O from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles Mumm-Ra

Friday, January 28, 2011

FAN ART FRIDAY - Mark Welser

Over the past couple of years I've noticed that many artists have started taking a stab at designing new posters for classic horror movies (see also Tom Whalen). Another one of those artists is Mark Welser. His poster designs are very simple, but capture the essence of each movie perfectly. Scroll down past the posters to check out some of his 80s cartoon artwork. Click here to see more.

One Year Anniversary

I've been so busy lately that I completely missed the one year anniversary for Cartoon and Horror. The anniversary actually took place on Monday, January 24, but I thought I should mention something before the 2nd anniversary arrived. I don't really have anything special planned for the site, but maybe next year I won't forget!

Thanks to everyone for supporting the blog and all of you that come back each week to check it out! 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Cartoon Intro - GODZILLA THE SERIES

Although the 1990s Godzilla movie was critically panned, Fox's spin-off cartoon, Godzilla The Series, did fairly well on TV. A total of two seasons (40 episodes) were produced and an assortment of action figures were released in the late 90s. Taking place right after Roland Emmerich's film, Godzilla The Series follows a group of researchers as they battle against giant monsters. Nine episodes are currently available on DVD from Sony and are split into three volumes.

Godzilla the Animated Series Intro

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thundercats Cartoon & Toys Official Images

I'm a big fan of revamping old 80s cartoons. I haven't watched any of the revamped GI JOE or Transformers cartoons, but I absolutely loved Mike Young's revamp of the He-Man cartoon.

Warner Bros initial images of the revamped Thundercats cartoon surfaced yesterday. While the characters have changed slightly, these images really excite the 80s kid in me.

Also, images from the new Bandai toy line have leaked from the London Toy Show. If only I had a job and some money...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

ON LOCATION: Interview with the Vampire Plantation

As I mentioned in my prior ON LOCATION post (TCM '74 House), most movie locations do not have any historical significance, other than the fact that they have been featured in a movie. The house in Interview with the Vampire is different because it is ripe with real historical significance. 

For those of you that do not remember the film very well, in the first act of the movie, the vampire Lestat (Tom Cruise) turns Louise (Brad Pitt) into a vampire in New Orleans. During their time in New Orleans, the two of them live in a large plantation house as they kill slaves and other unfortunate souls. 

The exterior location used as their home is a real antebellum plantation home called Oak Alley. 

All photos taken December, 2010
Screen captures from Interview with the Vampire DVD below each photo

While driving across the US, we decided to spend a few days in New Orleans. As we continued on our journey, we stopped at Oak Alley. Here is a sign that was located across the street from the plantation that sheds some light on the history of the plantation and why it is called Oak Alley. For more on the history of Oak Alley Plantation, you can visit their official website here

Located between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Oak Alley Plantation is only a short drive away. The address is 3645 Highway 18 (Great River Road). It costs $18 per person to take a tour of the interior of the house and the grounds surrounding it. If you want to just drive by and see the exterior of the place, you can stop at the side of the road to take pictures (like we did). 

The oak trees can be seen from different angles in the film. 
We didn't have time to take a tour of the inside of the plantation, but I'm guessing they never shot any interior shots of the place for the movie, considering most of the sets were burned down. 
As you can see, the building still stands. It doesn't look like much has changed at Oak Alley since they shot Interview with the Vampire. I presume it won't change for the next 100 years either. If you like movie locations and you like history, definitely check out Oak Alley. When I am in New Orleans next and have more time, I will be sure to pay the 18 bucks and tour the property.


Friday, January 21, 2011

FAN ART FRIDAY - Dino-Riders

I have been wanting to do a dedicated FAN ART FRIDAY post for Dino-Riders since this blog's inception. Back then, however, there were only a few pieces of fan art for this amazing 80s show. Thankfully, more artists have embraced the series and have posted more artwork. Below are some of my favourites. Be sure to click on each of the artists to see what else they have done. 

CyberMonkeytron3000 - Already been featured on FAN ART FRIDAY. Click here to check it out!

 GIU3232 - his interpretation of Krulos

 Mathius88 - not really Dinoriders fan art, but Mathius88 was inspired by the cartoon.


hellraptor - if you like dinosaurs and other large creatures, check out hellraptors artwork. He has some really wicked "Dead Space'd" dinos too.