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Friday, January 21, 2011

FAN ART FRIDAY - Dino-Riders

I have been wanting to do a dedicated FAN ART FRIDAY post for Dino-Riders since this blog's inception. Back then, however, there were only a few pieces of fan art for this amazing 80s show. Thankfully, more artists have embraced the series and have posted more artwork. Below are some of my favourites. Be sure to click on each of the artists to see what else they have done. 

CyberMonkeytron3000 - Already been featured on FAN ART FRIDAY. Click here to check it out!

 GIU3232 - his interpretation of Krulos

 Mathius88 - not really Dinoriders fan art, but Mathius88 was inspired by the cartoon.


hellraptor - if you like dinosaurs and other large creatures, check out hellraptors artwork. He has some really wicked "Dead Space'd" dinos too.





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