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Friday, January 14, 2011


I was going to wait until February to post Scott's artwork, but I just couldn't resist. For months now, Scott has been drawing images of some of the most famous showdowns in film history. On February 4th, Gallery 1988 will begin an exhibition of more than 200 pieces of Scott's Showdown artwork.

For those of you that live in LA, I highly recommend you check it out. He currently has one piece on display at their Melrose location for their Comedians ("Is This Thing On?") exhibition. 

For those of you not able to attend, below are some of my favourites. It was almost impossible to try and narrow down all of my favourites. There were just too many. Click here to check out all of them. Or, if you are lazy, just look at the ones below. 


  1. These are great! I think the Spinal Tap vs. Stonehenge is my favorite one.