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Friday, February 4, 2011

FAN ART FRIDAY - Visionaries

Visionaries! Knights of the Magical Light! Below are some of the best Visionaries fan art I could find on the net. Watch the intro here

Sratosmacca - designs for a proposed relaunch of Visionaries from MVCreations.


  1. Thanks to use my fanart in the right way putting my credits and a link to my d.A gallery, i apreciatte! By the way nice material here, great references!!!

    best wishes, tokitos^^

  2. great stuff, now that they remade thundercats i still hoping for a remake of visionaries but companies wana make billions on an idea that cost them couple of thousands, companies are too greedy these days they killed of heman because toys wern't selling three times as much than expected :S

  3. Visionaries
    it's been a while.
    i'm from Malaysia
    watch it since i was a kid in 1989
    Really have good imprint in my mind,
    haha.. hope the remakes hit Visionary too