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Monday, February 14, 2011

NY Toy Fair 2011

This year's New York Toy Fair was a doozy. Not only did we get a preview of some new Masters of the Universe Classic figures, but also new images from Bandai's Thundercats toys, NECA's Gremlins toys and a whole bunch of other great action figure toy lines coming out later this year.

Mattel's Master of the Universe figures

New Masters of the Universe vs DC Toys 'r' Us Exclusive 2-packs
New single figures: Catra, Clawful, The Faceless One, Man-E-Faces, Megator, Teela with Gold Breasts(?), and new weapons pack.

Bandai's Classic Thundercats figures

Bandai's Thundercats figures from the NEW Thundercats Cartoon
I think I'm starting to warm up to the new designs. The classic designs will always be better though. 

Mattel's Ghostbuster Figures
Super excited for the library ghost!

NECA's Gremlins Figures
I have been waiting years now for NECA to continue their line of Gremlins action figures.

 NECA's Terminator Figures

The Tick and The Maxx from Shocker Toys

NECA's Predator Figures
I honestly can't keep track of all of the Predator action figures out there. They all look the same to me.

NECA's The Walking Dead TV Series Busts

McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead Action Figures
These figures are based on Robert Kirkman's comic book... not the TV series. 

NECA's Nightmare on Elm Street Figures
These are so awesome. Definitely the best Freddy figures I've ever seen. 

Obviously there were a lot of other great toys previewed at this year's Toy Fair. Unfortunately, there are just too many Transformers and GI JOE figures to feature on this site. To see images of all the new figures, check out any one of the following websites:

And thank you to those websites for letting me steal your pictures for the 2nd year in a row. :)

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