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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Return of the Livind Dead Signing

Los Angeles is an amazing place to live if you are a movie geek. Especially a horror movie geek. Every month there are tons of horror movie Q&A screenings as well as some pretty cool signings. Each month Dark Delicacies holds a few different book and DVD signings.

On January 29, 2011, they held a massive signing for the release of The Complete History of the Return of the Living Dead book. Not only did they have a ton of actors and crew from the first Return of the Living Dead movie, but also an actor from part 2 and 3. Here are all of the signatures I received just on that day...

Here's a list of who signed the book:
Clu Gulager - "Burt"
James Karen - "Frank"
Don Calfa - "Ernie"
Beverly Randolph - "Tina"
John Philbin - "Chuck"
Jewel Shepard - "Casey"
Brian Peck - "Scuz"
Jules Brenner - Cinematographer
William Stout - Production Designer
Victoria K. Slaymaker - Assistant to Producers and Stills Photographer
Diane O'Bannon - Dan O'Bannon's wife
Graham Henderson - Co-Producer
Dinah Cancer - 45 Graves Vocalist
Stanzi Stokes - Casting Director
Paul M. Sammon - Orion Pictures
Michael Kenworthy ("Jesse Wilson" - Part II)
J. Trevor Edmond ("Curt Reynolds" - Part III)

Lucky for all of you, I shot some of the signing on my Flip camera. Now you can feel like you were actually there!


  1. Wicked wicked stuff, man! You should have mentioned Cat on a Cruise Ship when you were talking to Clu.

    I would have lost my shit if Mindy Clarke was there!

  2. Oh man, I totally forgot that Clu was in Cat on a Cruise Ship!! If only I had your poster handy to get him to sign it!

    I asked J. Trevor Edmond how it was working with Mindy. He said it was great. But what I should have asked him was...What was it like doing a sex scene with Mindy. :)

  3. Great post!
    I can't believe I didn't go to the ROTLD signing. I've been reading up on people who were there and just smoldering in my jealousy.

    The Cinematographer talks about some of the locations from the first film but there's an awesome "then and now" write-up at Horror's Hallowed Grounds HERE:

    Definitely check it out.

  4. ohhhh man i wish i was there... that is literally my favorite movie!!!! where was LINNEA!?!?!? you can't have a ROTLD signing complete without her :(

    I will be buying that book. PS... when does ROTLD come out on bluray!??!?!

  5. woww i just had a goregasm when i realized there is a DOUBLE BLURAY DISC OF ROFLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHIT SON!!!!!!!

  6. @AllHallowSteve - I love Horror's Hallowed Grounds. Horror Hound Magazine features a new horror movie location each month from Sean Clarke.

    @Jenna - Linnea lives in Florida. They said it's a bit harder to get her to attend events in LA. Also, I've heard rumours that she is difficult to deal with.
    You need to go out and buy that ROTLD blu-ray. It's great!