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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Cartoon Intro - IRON MAN

I have been trying to rip this intro for months now from Disney's recent release of the 1994 Iron Man cartoon. I've tried different DVD ripping software, but none seem to work. It's the first DVD I've ever come across that's like this. Thank goodness for someone recording the intro back when it first aired on Fox Kids and uploading it to YouTube. The quality isn't great, but it will have to do.

The first season of Iron Man is one of the worst seasons of any Marvel cartoon. The episodes are tedious to watch and each episode of the first season is your standard good vs evil style battle. Mandarin comes up with some nefarious plan to destroy Iron Man or the world and Iron Man and his Force Works team try to stop him... yawn.

Thankfully, season two saw a new production house producing the series and the show vastly improved. Unfortunately, season two was the last of the series after poor ratings killed it.

The series originally premiered on Fox Kids in 1994 and lasted until 1996. You can currently find the entire series available on DVD from Disney Home Entertainment. I urge you to check out the series, if only for season 2.

Iron Man Cartoon Intro

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