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Friday, April 22, 2011

RM#111, Fango#304 and Cartoon News

Not much news this week. A couple new magazine previews and some more cartoon on DVD announcements...

Fangoria #304
 Rue Morgue #111

Conan The Adventurer
The animated adventures of Conan is coming to DVD from Shout! Factory on July 26th. All 13 episodes rom the first season will be spread across 2 DVDs. 

 Warner Archives Previews New Titles
Challenge of the Gobots, The Herculoids and Mister T are making their way to DVD thanks to Warner Archives. Here's a shot of an advertisement found in the Green Lantern Free Comic Book Day issue. As I mentioned previously, Swat Kats has been removed from their website, but maybe it will re-surface by the end of the year. Visit TVShowsOnDVD for more info.

***Just to let everyone know, there probably won't be any updates this upcoming week. Look for more posts in May!***

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