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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ON LOCATION: ROTLD Warehouse and Cemetery

Before I left LA, I managed to visit a few more movie locations. One that I was particularly interested in visiting was the warehouse from Return of the Living Dead. After meeting the cast and crew from the film, I thought this would round out my LA trip quite nicely.

All photos taken March, 2011

Screen captures from Return of the Living Dead DVD below each photo

As you can see from the pictures, the building has changed a little bit. With the overall area around the building having changed a significant amount. A large wall surrounds the building making it difficult to get good shots of the front of the building. Also, you can see that the top of the building, where the Uneeda sign stood, has changed quite drastically. It appears they were trying to make the building a little more post-modern. 

One thing I did find particularly funny was that in the movie the right corner of the building seemed to have a small hole in it. Sure enough, that hole is still there. Only this time it is inhabited by a family of hornets or bees. 

I did manage to get around the wall surrounding the building and get a shot of the front/top, but it is almost unrecognizable. 

Moving along, next to the building is where they created the front of the cemetery set. The entire cemetery scene was definitely not shot in this location. There are train tracks literally right behind the building and make it impossible for them to have used it for shooting. 

This is a good shot from the movie that clearly shows where the building is located. Just to the right of the building is the front of the cemetery (centre of image). 

Cemetery is on the top right of the movie image above.

The area used for the front of the cemetery is right at the end of the street. If you continue along the street you come to a UPS building. 

This is a shot from the movie looking the opposite way from the cemetery. I really wish I had taken a shot to show you how much the street has changed.

For those of you interested in visiting this location, the address is: 698 Moulton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA.

For an even more thorough look at this location, click here.

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  3. This story is amazing. I watched this movie for the first time when I was 8yo. I remember the Uneeda building as an ominous thing, and the scene where Chuck and Casey are chased by an hungry mob was one of the scariest parts for me.

    Now with Google Street View one can make a virtual tour for the entire area from any part of the world.

    One thing I remember from the comments in the DVD release was that the cemetery itself was a prop, and the scenes were shot near those tracks. The cemetery wall was a giant prop, and behind it there was a bunch of fake tombstones.

    One thing we do not know is where they set the crematory and the Ernie lab. Oh, and the infamous Tarman basement.