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Friday, May 6, 2011

Shock Stock 2011

This past weekend (April 29 - May 1) London, Ontario played host to a brand new (I hope) annual Canadian horror convention called SHOCK STOCK. The convention was organized by London's very own Vagrancy Films. I initially planned to attend the entire 3-day event, but only managed to make it out for the Saturday. Luckily Saturday was the day to go!

I arrived at the convention early Saturday, just in time to do some booth browsing before heading into a Linnea Quigley Q&A. I was a little disappointed to see that the convention was pretty dead. Where were all of the fans?! I know the fans are out there. Couldn't any other Torontonian horror fans make their way to London for a day or two? Either way, I guess it's kind of expected that the first year of any convention would be a little slow. Hopefully word-of-mouth will pick up and the convention becomes a success in future years. 

Although there weren't as many dealers as there are at Fan Expo, I sure as hell had a hard time leaving the convention floor without buying something. Almost every other table had something I wanted. I can't always say that about Fan Expo. With Fan Expo becoming so corporate, Shock Stock will probably become the only place to find all of the indie horror dealers in the future. 

One of the coolest things I saw at the convention... A TRAP JAW MASK!

After taking a stroll around the convention floor, my buddy Jay (The Horror Section) and I went into Linnea's Q&A. Luckily I had my Flip camera with me that day so I was able to shoot the short, but sweet, discussion. Here is a slightly edited version for all of you who missed out:

After the Q&A, Jay and I walked around the convention some more. We had a chat with Linnea, bought some horror memorabilia and ate dinner. All in all, it was a pretty good time. 

Later that night, we attended a cast reunion screening of The Evil Dead. Definitely the highlight of the weekend and also of any convention I've ever attended. The entire cast (except for Bruce) were in attendance. 

I shot the Q&A on my Flip camera, but the lighting was so bad I don't think I will post it on here. If I get 5 requests, I will take the time to upload it. Otherwise, you will just have to settle with the pictures.

I really wish I would have been able to attend the entire weekend. I will definitely make it a must for next year. Hopefully with each year the convention will continue to grow and we'll finally have a new horror convention in Southern Ontario that will rival the Festival of Fear. After all, competition is good!

For more detailed coverage on Shock Stock, check out Jay's blog here or his guest spot on Rue Morgue's blog here


  1. Post the Evil Dead Q & A.
    Please and thanks.

  2. Yeah, I had a blast. Hope they do it again. Also, Saturday was sweet, but Sunday had the Dyanne Thorne auction, which was pretty great. Cheers!