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Friday, July 29, 2011


Here's some fun artwork from Jason Ludy. I'm particularly fond of his Ghostbusters Action Figure fan art. Let's hope he continues to do more!

Cemetery Man
 Edward Scissorhands

The Real Ghostbusters Action Figure Fan Art

Thursday, July 28, 2011


The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest is a remake/revival of the 1960s Hanna-Barbara cartoon franchise. 52 half-hour episodes were produced from 1996 to 1999. You can currently find the first part of season one available on DVD from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. For tons of more information about the series, check out it's wikipedia page

The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest Cartoon Intro

Saturday, July 23, 2011

SDCC 2011

I can't decide if this is the best SDCC yet. Every year there just seems to be so many cool new action figure previews. For a while, there's been a bit of a slump in new horror action figures, but thanks to NECA, horror figures are back! And with some of my favourites!

Evil Dead 2 - NECA
NECA have really outdone themselves this time. Evil Dead 1 & 2 (not Army of Darkness) figures have been on my wish-list for years now. Thank god NECA finally delivered. I know that 3 of the figures are just Ash variants, but at least 2 of them are must-buys - Deadite Ash and Hero Ash. Getting Henrietta is a dream come true and she couldn't look better!  

A Nightmare on Elm Street
NECA revealed these figures back at Toy Fair this year, but I thought their dioramas were just too cool not to post pictures. 

By far the best toys NECA has planned. These Gremlins figures are to die for. The "Phantom of the Opera" gremlin is probably the only one I'm not desperate for. I love the electricity gremlin - not sure what his official name is.

Robocop - NECA
Posted this before, but here it is again for those who missed out.

Terminator Series 1 and 2 - NECA
I've really cut back on my action figure purchases, but if I had a bigger house, I think I'd cave and pick up these bad boys. Definitely the best Terminator sculpts to date. 

MOTU Tumbler Mini Figures
I have no idea where these will be sold and what the deal is with them. They just don't interest me that much. I guess they're kind of cute. Check out he-man.org for more info.

New MOTU Classics Figures
Check out He-man.org for all the details.

The Return of Mini-Comics!!!

MOTU 30th Anniversary Contest Details

Ghostbusters - Mattel / Mattycollector
I haven't purchased any of these Ghostbuster figures from Matty yet, but that Vigo figure seems to be influencing me to buy him. Something about those eyes...

Thundercats - MEZCO
Mumm-ra is the new staction from Icon Heroes. Also, check out their awesome Cat's Lair below.

Voltron - Mattel / MattyCollector
I don't remember the original show at all, but the new figures are so reminiscent of the old ones, I just may have to get them. Definitely piques my interest for the new show too.

Thanks to the following websites for taking such great pictures... and letting me steal them. Be sure to check each of them out for more pictures, info and news regarding each action figure line. 

Check back on Monday in case there are any new pictures or reveals over the weekend.