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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

FAN EXPO/FESTIVAL OF FEAR 2011 - Part 1: The Photos

I've held off on posting anything about Fan Expo because I've just been too busy. Hence the reason why there hasn't been any new Thursday Cartoon Intros or Fan Art Fridays. Also, this year's convention just wasn't as exciting as previous years'. Although the expo took place over more days, the guests just didn't excite me as they normally do.

This year saw the expo run from Thursday to Sunday, as opposed to Friday to Sunday. Although this must have been great for people who can get time off, it's pretty shitty for everyone else that has to work. Two of the Q&A's I was most looking forward to were scheduled right smack dab in the middle of Friday, preventing me from attending.

Aside from some Q&A scheduling conflicts, this year's Fan Expo ran much better than last year. Firstly, they booked the correct convention space. Secondly, the whole wristband thing works like a charm now. Lastly, I'm happy that you need a wristband just to get into the South Building. Now there aren't crazy people just walking around who are not attending the con. However, I have noticed that it has gotten a bit more stinkier and the costumes a lot more wilder.

Anyways, onto more important things. Since I have so much content from the Fan Expo and Festival of Fear to post, I thought I would break it up a little. To begin with, I'll just be posting some of the pictures I took while walking around and attending the con. Then I'll post some Q&A videos and some pictures of the loot I came away with.


 George Kosana - The Sheriff, NOTLD
Russ Streiner - Johnny, NOTLD
John A. Russo - Producer/Co-Writer, NOTLD

 Jason Cosplay

 Real Steel Robots

 ATST and some Troopers


 80s and 90s cartoon characters starting to make a presence.
 I don't know why Bumblebee looks like this.
Marvel Booth
 Daryl Shaw - Writer/Director, Android Re-Enactment
 John Stocker - Voice Actor/Director - Click on the image above to see more detail of some of the characters he played in cartoons from the 80s and 90s. 
 Skeletor Cosplay
Tony Moore - Artist, The Walking Dead (#1-6)

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