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Friday, September 16, 2011

C-A-D: Silverhawks - 101

Episode 101
The Origin Story

Silverhawks is one of those cartoons on DVD I've been putting off watching for a while now. My memory of the cartoon isn't as fresh as my memory of the action figures - some of the coolest action figures from the '80s. Love the metallic finish on them! Unfortunately, my expectations for the pilot episode were a little high on this one. This origin story is exactly how not to do a first episode. The story just sucks balls. 

Set in the year 2839, the pilot begins with Mon-Star escaping from prison and a bionic cop named Stargazer has to assemble a team of Silverhawks to stop Mon-Star from destroying the universe. In all honesty, I kind of fell asleep watching this episode. It bored me to tears. It's unfortunate too because it has one of the coolest intro theme songs around. Anyways, the episode is pretty useless. After Mon-Star escapes and re-domesticates his pet squid, we are introduced to the team: Quicksilver, Steelheart, Steelwill, Col. Bluegrass, and the Copper Kid (a bionic kid from the planet of the mimes). 

I really don't remember many of the episodes so I'm curious to see if the show gets any better after episode one. I hope so considering I paid a lot of money for the DVD set. Although many of the other '80s cartoons were  20-minute commercials, this episode was blatantly obvious as being one too. If you're a fan of the Thundercats, you can't go wrong with Silverhawks. I'm just not sure if I can recommend the first episode. I'll let you decide since this introduces the characters, but is lacking any sort of story. 


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