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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

C-A-D: Thundercats (2011) - 104

Thundercats (2011)
Episode 104
Song of the Petalars

Episode 4 of the new Thundercats series really had the potential of being even worse than episode 3, but came out as one of the best cartoon episodes I have ever seen. 

Still on their journey to destroy Mumm-Ra, but with Slythe's army in hot-pursuit, the Thundercats come across a group of strange little plant creatures called the Petalars living inside a large briar-patch forest. The Petalars want nothing more but to return to their original home. After being swept away by a tornado, the Petalars ended up in the briar-patch and now only the Thundercats can help them find their way home. 

As the Thundercats try to find the Cliff of Winds (the place where the Petalars will float back home), Lion-O befriends Emerick, a small and courageous young Petalar who wants to be just like Lion-O when he grows up. However, as Lion-O gets closer to the boy he soon discovers that the life-span of a Petalar is only as long as a single day. With very little time left and Slythe doing everything and anything to kill the Thundercats, even lighting the briar patch forest on fire, Lion-O only has few hours left with his friend before he dies. 

As you would have probably guessed, Lion-O and the rest of the Thundercats manage to find their passage home, however, it may be too late as Lion-O's friend has come to the end of his life and dies. Although Emerick's life may have been very short, Lion-O realizes that Emerick had a good life and lived life to the fullest. Taking what he has learned, Lion-O decides to fight Slythe's army. Going face to face with Slythe's army of robots, the Thundercats are able to destroy them, but only with the help of someone else - and that someone I will leave up to you to discover because I highly recommend this episode. 

This was probably one of the most touching episodes of a cartoon I have ever seen. The Petalar designs weren't that great, but their story was so heartwarming. I don't think I've ever been that moved by a cartoon before. This cartoon is turning out to be a very mature cartoon that children and adults can both enjoy. 


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