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Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Horror Posters!

I really lucked out these past two weekends and came across some posters I've had on my wish list for years now! And I scored them at the incredibly low price of $5 each from a local bookstore in Kitchener.

Jay The Horror Section Clarke and I spent last Sunday driving from video store to book store to video store looking for bargains, VHS tapes, and other horror/cartoon paraphernalia. Never did I ever imagine picking up some of these gems!

And lastly, this weekend I managed to find a MEET THE FEEBLES poster for a VERY reasonable price in Toronto. 

Meet the Feebles Theatrical One-Sheet


  1. Talk about a score, Mike!! You managed to single-highhandedly snag some of my favorite film posters... SO jealous.

  2. I'm still reeling from our luck.

    That Feebles poster is awesome, where'd you find it?